RISO VALEZUS T1200: the compact 165-page cutsheet InkJet system

VALEZUS T1200 is your cutsheet solution for continuous printing up to 1 million sheets per month.

Your solution for production printing

  • High speed: simplex 165 ppm

  • Double Tray Feeder capacity 8,000 sheets (plain and recycled paper)

  • Oil-based, fast-drying ink

  • Ink in five colors: CMYK + Grey

  • Small footprint: 3,760 x 1,340 x 1,445 mm

  • Free and immediate further processing

  • Maximum paper size: 330.2 x 460 mm

  • Paper weights: 46 - 210 g/m²

  • Energy saving due to cold printing process

  • Easy integration into your existing workflow

  • Supports AFP/IPDS, PS and PDF formats

RISO VALEZUS T1200: The perfect solution for small and large print runs in transactional printing

The compact 165-page InkJet system VALEZUS T1200, offers you an interesting combination of high performance, low TCO and environmentally friendly printing technology. Due to its reliability and low TCO, the VALEZUS T1200 is suitable as an ideal entry into cutsheet InkJet technology as well as a complement to existing roll InkJet machines. As a cost-effective re-print solution from run 1, the VALEZUS T1200 is your advantageous alternative to production from the roll. Contact us if you would like us to tell you more about this advanced printing system.

Benefits of the VALEZUS T2200

High productivity

At 165 pages per minute, the VALEZUS T1200 is one of the fastest compact production printers in its class. At the same time, it offers the flexibility of a cutsheet printing system.


Stable paper feeding

In production printing, paper feed stability is a critical component. To ensure smooth paper flow, the VALEZUS T1200 has therefore been equipped with an air-assisted 8,000-sheet-page double tray feeder.


Fast-drying oil-based pigment ink

The oil-based pigment ink ensures that you don't have to sacrifice print quality despite the system's high productivity of 9,900 sheets per minute. The RISO ink is fast-drying, has a high density and does not require energy-intensive fixing by heat.


Efficient feeding and filing system

The VALEZUS T1200 features two input trays and two stacker units, each with a capacity of 4,000 sheets. By switching the feed tray and the tray unit used, paper refilling is made possible during the printing process. In addition, both stackers include a smooth-feed mechanism. With a high capacity stacker cart, the output can be delivered smoothly for post-processing.


Smooth and immediate post-processing of prints

The cold printing process ensures smooth and immediate finishing, as the papers do not build up static and remain flat.


Easy integration

The installed TagG aStream controller supports the native IPDS workflow, an EFI™ Fiery® controller is also available. This ensures fast and trouble-free integration of the VALEZUS T1200 into the current workflow.


Easy installation

The VALEZUS T1200 does not require heating and exhaust systems. In addition, it is operated with a standard power supply. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, they can quickly and easily put the system into operation.

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