Fast, cost-effective and reliable

Parish letters, hymn sheets for church services, announcements, church newspapers - the list of documents printed in religious institutions is long and varied. Because a lot is printed in-house, however, this also means a great deal of time and effort on the part of the staff. And when things have to be done quickly, there is often another annoying problem: paper jam.

No wonder that many religious institutions now choose a RISO printing system: The documents are printed quickly and reliably, from individual to serial letters, A3 formats for notices and much more - and your church newspaper delivers your RISO in one go also punched and stapled. This saves time and nerves, especially when things get busy again.

Reduce costs in an environmentally conscious way

Printing with a RISO printing system is not only fast and cost-effective. Quasi quite incidentally you also do something for the environment, because RISO InkJet printing systems emit neither toner fine dust nor ozone. This also makes employees happy, because your RISO can be located directly at the desk and does not need its own printing room. RISO printing systems also help save energy. Thanks to their innovative cold printing process, they require significantly less electricity than laser printing devices. And you notice that in your electricity bill.


What you can expect:

  • High printing speed

  • Proven reliability

  • Low maintenance, long service intervals

  • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving technology

What counts for you:

  • Print at high speed with consistent quality

  • Printing high volumes quickly

  • Printing without harming the environment

Your applications:

  • Documents in high circulation (parish newsletters/church bulletins)

  • Parish letters

  • Church newspaper

  • Budget

  • Singing sheets for church services

  • Program booklets for worship

  • Meeting templates / documents

  • Flyer

Versatile and reliable

RISO ComColor GL with Multifunction Finisher and Scanner

One for all

RISO ComColor FT with Face Down Finisher

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