Special paper? No problem with RISO!

As a logistics company, a reliable printing system is essential for you. Every day, a large number of delivery bills and shipping labels have to be output via your printer. That's where speed and reliability count, because your time is short and your schedule is tight. You often have to print on special paper, such as shipping labels with adhesive film, and many printing systems are overwhelmed by this. The result: paper jams, production stop, loss of time, stress.



At home in production printing

Have you ever made acquaintance with a RISO? Our printing systems come from production printing and are therefore designed for reliability and high volumes. In addition, they are extremely robust, which helps you when things get hectic. Our printers deliver up to 165 pages per minute, straightforwardly, quickly and reliably. This also applies to barcodes, which you will be able to print out easily with our printing systems in the future. Thanks to our cold printing process, the printouts are not statically charged, and as a result, they can be processed without delay.

Robust and low maintenance

RISO printing systems are extremely robust, so they rarely require maintenance. Good for you, because you have to calculate less downtime for your RISO. But our printers not only increase your productivity, they also reduce your power consumption. Maximum 230 volt power consumption, this is noticeable in the electricity bill.


What counts for you:

  • Print delivery bills and shipping labels uncomplicated

  • Reliable printing

  • Print barcodes cleanly

  • Easy and uncomplicated further processing by inserting machines

What you can expect:

  • Speed

  • Increase productivity

  • Cutting costs

  • Reliability

  • Durable/robust and low-maintenance

  • Printing different paper sizes and types, labels, shipping labels

  • Bprint

    codes cleanly.

  • Direct further processing (eg with inserter) possible, thanks to cold printing process (no waves of the paper)

Your applications:

  • Delivery notes

  • Transport documents

  • Packing slip

  • Lists

  • Labels

  • Shipping documents

Robust and low maintenance

RISO ComColor GL with Scanner and Face Down Finisher

One for all

RISO ComColor FT5430 with Scanner

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