Resource-efficient and economical into the future

As an insurance company, you face a large amount of customer correspondence to be printed every day. Despite advancing digitalization, many documents still have to be sent to policyholders in printed form. From insurance policies and customer letters to mailings and contract attachments - your print center is in constant use. This high printing volume should ideally be processed on demand, in a resource-efficient, economical, and fast manner.

low TCO

What counts for you:

  • Data security

  • Highest reliability of printing system

  • Cost effective production

  • Conscious and careful use of resources

  • Satisfied employees

  • Lowering energy costs

Your applications:

  • Insurance policies

  • Customer letters

  • Mailings

  • Re-print

The advantages are obvious

With InkJet printing systems from RISO you get a promising all-round solution. Together with an unbeatably low TCO, you get a highly productive printing system with the smallest space requirements. RISO also makes sure that resources are used sparingly. By switching to a cutsheet solution, you reduce paper waste by a significant amount. In contrast to web printing systems, the paper paths are short and paper jams are minimized.


RISO printing systems can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. They do not require a high-voltage power connection. To match this, the energy consumption does not exceed the 3,010 watt mark even under full load Compared to other printing systems on the market, we achieve a significant saving in energy costs.

Your employees will be happy

Your employees will also benefit from a switch to RISO. Since RISO printing systems do not emit any toner fine dust, exhaust air systems are a thing of the past. Due to the cold printing process, the climate in the print room is more pleasant and the low production noise makes hearing protection unnecessary.

Re-Print Solution

Also as a re-print solution, RISO printing systems have proven themselves, with well-known major customers throughout Europe. Re-prints can be created easily and economically, without integrating the roll system.

What you can expect:

  • High printing speed

  • Proven reliability

  • Low maintenance, long service intervals

  • No exhaust system required

  • No employee hearing protection required

  • Less heat in the printing chamber thanks to cold printing process

  • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving technology


The high-speed InkJet range for production printing

Reliable and robust

RISO ComColor GL with Multifunction Finisher

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