Discussing, checking, correcting, motivating - the workload of a teacher is a real challenge even for stress-resistant natures. How nice that the toner-free copiers from RISO make your life at school a little bit easier day after day!

And that already starts in the morning before class: Queue at the copier? No way. With RISO's super-fast copying systems, individual practice sheets or entire class sets can be copied in no time, with speeds of up to 140 pages per minute. They can also be sorted, hole-punched, or stapled upon request, all without the need for supervision during the copying process.

Page by page sustainable copying

Each individual sheet of paper is printed at RISO particularly environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The cold printing process of the RISO InkJet systems ensures significantly lower energy consumption, through the ink printing no toner fine dust is produced - and the machines are also particularly low-maintenance.

RISO - preferred by schools

Easy operation, high productivity and reliability as well as their sustainable, energy-saving technology are exactly the plus points that have made RISO the preferred partner for educational institutions for decades. In the process, the printing systems adapt flexibly to the most diverse requirements of the educational institution, from elementary school to secondary school to university.

cost effective

Here's what you can expect from your RISO inkjet printing and copying system:

  • Manage production peaks stress-free: High productivity ensures faster processes and less waiting time

  • Easy operation, high reliability

  • Printing engaging media for highly effective teaching

  • Cost-effective color printing

  • A copy system for many applications: Class sets, welcome booklets, exam topics, enrollment dossiers or single pages

  • Cost control through user account allocation

  • Printing and copying without toner fine dust and ozone

  • Network cards for integration into administrative and pedagogical networks

Your applications:

  • Class sets

  • Instructional materials in different grammages and formats

  • Clause sheets

  • Testimonials

  • Administrative documents such as newsletters, parent letters and more

The new one in your college:

RISO ComColor FT5230 with Face Down Finisher and Scanner

All the best for schools

RISO ComColor Black FT1430 with scanner

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