Traditional technique that has proven itself for decades - it is not for nothing that risography is widespread in the world of art and enjoys high popularity. Apply colors quite traditionally layer by layer and thereby give free rein to their own creativity, artists appreciate their RISO.


Color at its maximum!

71 RISO colors invite you to experiment, if desired, even your own color wishes are mixed. And because the color application and the position of the stencils are not perfect, each individual print becomes a unique piece. This is also one of the reasons why our risographs enjoy a worldwide fan community, which exchanges ideas with each other, refines its technology more and more and appreciates the straightforwardness and robustness of our printers.

Speaking of robust: in fact, most of our risographs have an almost uncannily long life. Before they actually have to retire, they are sold as second-hand goods or traded back and forth among themselves. And for some of their owners, they are also simply part of the family.

21 standard colors
50 special colors

What counts for you:

  • Each print is unique

  • Unidentifiability of RISO printing

  • Printing without harming the environment: no toner fine dust, no ozone, oil-based inks

  • Fast and cheap duplication

  • Unusual colors

Your applications:

  • Art prints/posters

  • Experimental art

  • Zines

  • Posters

  • Maps

  • Flyers

What you can expect:

  • Extremely robust and durable

  • Favorable consumables

  • High reliability

  • Large color selection: 21 standard colors and 50 spot colors. On request we also mix house colors

  • Reinterpretation of own works by RISO Print

  • Environment-friendly and energy-saving technology


Entering the printing adventure with 71 colors


Rice bran based ink

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