Print, sort, hole punch, staple and save nerves at up to 165 pages per minute

Even though many things are already handled digitally in the day-to-day work of the law firm, the clients' annual financial statements still have to be available in printed and bound form. This takes a long time, and due to the manual work required, the personnel time required is very high. In this context, have you ever thought about a new printing system?



What counts for you:

  • Fast and reliable printing

  • Optimize work processes through intelligent automation

  • Energy-efficient, eco-friendly printing

  • Compact and therefore space-saving printing system

Your applications:

  • Annual financial statements of clients

  • Reports

  • Documents

The advantages are obvious

A printing solution from RISO adapts perfectly to your workflows. For example, a RISO printing system can easily print your financial statements and reports at up to 165 pages per minute at the touch of a button, sort, hole punch, staple and bind them into a booklet if desired. You save time and money. That pays off.

To match, RISO printing systems operate quietly, emit neither toner fine dust nor ozone into the room air, and are amazingly compact despite their power. So they can be set up where the work is and do not require their own printer room.

Costs under control, confidential data too

RISO printing systems are particularly energy-efficient due to their cold printing process and ensure smooth and fast processing of your print output thanks to their proven reliability and high productivity.

By the way, our printing systems are also secret carriers: we secure the processing of confidential client data through the appropriate software solutions. Let us gladly advise you.

What you can expect:

  • High productivity ensures time savings in the preparation of financial statements

  • Low space

  • Low noise

  • Environmentally friendly printing without toner fine dust and ozone

  • Energy efficient printing for low energy consumption (Cold InkJet)

Reliable and versatile

RISO ComColor GL with Scanner

Environmentally friendly and low noise

RISO ComColor GL9730 with Perfect Binder

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