RISO, the most popular colleague far and wide

Quotes, invoices, inquiries, cancellations, presentations, project plans, advertising materials - the list of documents needed on a perfectly normal office day is long. As stress-resistant multitaskers, RISO inkjet printing systems routinely, quickly and absolutely reliably handle any job, no matter how extensive. And by the way, they also ensure an extremely pleasant working environment: because they use ink rather than toner, logically no fine toner dust is produced, and because their cold printing process also releases no ozone, you are spared another irritant in your office.

Cost-saving and sustainable printing

RISO keeps an eye on costs just as much as on the environment: By their innovative cold printing procedure RISO InkJet systems need clearly less energy than comparable laser systems. And less electricity means less CO2 emissions. In addition, our printing systems work quietly and independently and can be used flexibly, either as a printing solution for individual departments or as a centrally integrated printing solution.

Can do everything except make coffee

For even more efficiency in your everyday life, the intelligent modules for finishing ensure that you can easily delegate a number of time-consuming tasks to them - from paper feeding to precise stapling and hole punching to high-speed perfect binding of documents and the production of mailings. Only your coffee you still have to make yourself.


What counts for you:

  • Reduce running costs

  • High reliability

  • Centralized or decentralized printing

  • Low susceptibility to interference

  • Scan to mail / print from USB stick

  • Print Management Systems (PaperCut)

  • Iintelligent modules for further processing

  • Simple, intuitive operation

  • Sustainable printing technology with high energy efficiency

  • Various options for network connectivity

  • Uncomplicated integration into various existing fleet management tools

What you can expect:

  • High productivity with up to 140 pages per minute

  • Low energy consumption

  • Favorable page prices from edition 0

  • Reliable and robust due to fewer wearing parts

  • Environmentally friendly technology

  • No toner fine dust and ozone emissions

  • Less space required due to compact dimensions

  • Low susceptibility to failure due to high stability

Your applications:

  • General correspondence

  • Presentations

  • Contracts

  • Flyers, brochures and booklets

Can do everything except make coffee

RISO ComColor FT with Face Down Finisher

One for all

RISO ComColor Black FT1430

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