71 colors
150 ppm
Custom colors
Environmentally friendly

The smart choice - for creative printing

Welcome to the world of productivity! Whether you're printing single- or two-color documents, with the RISO MH9350 you're taking advantage of a technology concept that makes professional color printing a pure pleasure.

Good reasons for the RISO MH9350

  • Exceptionally fast two-color printing - thanks to RISO's unique single-pass technology

  • Cost-effective large print runs - rising page numbers = falling costs

  • Precise detail - via 600 dpi resolution scanning and printing

  • Easy master creation - with the user-friendly "Easy 2-colour" function

  • More color choice - thanks to the optional color drum with 21 standard colors, 50 spot colors and specially mixed custom colors

71 colors,. 150 ppm: it's time to dive into the world of printing with the two-color printer RISO MH9350

High productivity, more flexibility, best image quality - you want to print only 2 colors in one pass? As quickly and economically as possible? Then we have something for you: the RISO MH9350 two-color printer offers a rapid 150 two-color pages/minute, 600 x 600 dpi resolution for the best image quality and an excellent price/performance ratio. Choose from 72 rich solid colors, gold and fluorescent tones - or have us specially mix the color of your choice.

Eco balance? Fits the RISO MH9350. Low energy consumption, long maintenance intervals, and a resource-saving printing ink based on rice bran.

Productive, environmentally friendly, cost-effective. If that's not something for you, too?

Contact us if you'd like us to tell you more about this advanced printing system.

So many pages in just 5 minutes

RISO digital printer: information about setting the energy saving/power saving mode

RISO digital printers are equipped with an energy-saving/power-saving mode in which the system automatically turns off. You can set this function as described below:
Press the following combination on the LCD control panel: [Admin.] - [System] - [Energy Saving Mode/Power Saving Mode] - [Auto Power Off]
Please refer to the document for detailed information and for setting instructions for other models:

Download Setting Energy Saving/Power Saving Mode

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